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The life of the port

Located along the Mediterranean coast between Marseille and Barcelona, ​​the port of Sète is a European, Mediterranean and global transit hub.

The ports of Sète

Thanks to its unique geographical position, between sea and lagoon, its adaptability and its multi-modality, the port of Sète includes a commercial port, a fishing port and a marina.

The Management – « Port Sud de France »

Until the end of 2007 the port of Sète was part of the 23 French ports called "national interest" which was then owned by the state and managed by the Maritime Chambers of Commerce and Industry (CCI).

Les métiers du Port

Port sud de France compte aujourd’hui 95 employés répartis entre le port de commerce, le port de pêche, le port de plaisance ainsi que les services supports (services commercial, communication, comptabilité/finances, ingénierie, juridique, qualité et environnement, re


The development of the port is a priority. To achieve its objectives, substantial financial resources have been mobilised