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The auction

In 1967 , the auction of Sete was a showcase of the fishing industry:

  • First auction in Europe to be computerized in 1967. The auctions are now electronic rather than verbal with a display screen for the seller and a purchase button for every buyer. She has served as an example for other auctions (Port de Bouc , Arcachon, etc.)
  • First to manage in real time the buyers offers (in both amount and payment period)
  • The sales system continued to be improved, particularly in 2009 with the possibility of upping the bids, to ensure the right price.
  • With a fast turn over of up to 700 lots at the same time and not allowing remote purchases, the auction studying the establishment of programmed purchase in real time or delayed time.

The sale

Auction sales The sale of products is carried out in reverse compared to normal, this is called a Dutch auction.

The fleet

The fishing port of Sète is the home port of a diverse fleet of fishing boats:


The auction offers products from artisanal fisheries.


Sete auction hosts a wide variety of professional buyers, made possible thanks to the complementarity of their purchases.