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Ferry terminal Orsetti

The Orsetti ferry terminal of the port of Sète hosted in 2014 over 180,000 passengers.

The port of Sète and the ferry terminal has different strengths to accommodate ferries:

• 450 parking spaces estimated
• Shore 220 linear meters
• offices of agents and shipping company within the ferry terminal.

The Region, which manage the port, launched rehabilitation and expansion work for the passenger terminal for 40 million euros. This work will help achieve a dedicated area for the passengers of 23 ha with the possibility to host 3 ships simultaneously. The terminal will be able to accommodate 300,000 passengers by 2020, and up to 900,000 at terms. These investments will provide optimal reception conditions, with more reliable services. This project, visualised by architect Jacques Ferrier, began in 2014 with the work expansion of the Mole Masselin. Its commissioning is expected in 2019.