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To stop over in Sète

PORT SAINT CLAIR: A possible stop by any weather.

Although the daily passage is by the West, it is possible to approach by the East but only in exceptional strong S/SE/E winds  after making a request to the Harbour office on VHF Channel 9

To facilitate your arrival, it is best to contact us by VHF channel 9 or by telephone: A port officer will direct you to your position and can help berthing.

You will then need to present yourself to the office of the Port, equipped with the boat papers to record your call. On this occasion, we will give you an access badge to the pontoon and sanitation. Payment may be made at that time or at departure.

Sète The marina also offers a free Wi-Fi access for 10 minutes a day, then paying in the manner that will be described when you arrive.

Practical information about the city and tourism in our area is available at the reception to help you organise your stay in the most pleasant way possible.

We can also offer, depending on availability, moorings near the station on another body of water close to the Etang de Thau, which allow you to discover our beautiful Etang de Thau, and taste the shellfish Mèze or Bouzigues

Ask to stop over