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The Careening Area

The fishing port careening area occupies an area of ​​6950 m2. It is located at the end of Mole St. Louis, at "Saint Christ."

Facilities and services available

The area is equipped to allow the cleaning and repair of all types of vessels.

Gantry crane to lift vessels:

  • At least 14 m long
  • Up to 180 tons
  • Fluid supply (water - electricity)
  • Closed area
  • CCTV
  • Scaffolding
  • Pressure washers
  • Clean point for hazardous wastes
  • Sanitary


Price list for services

The carenage team is at your disposal and will offer technical support for the grounding of your ship.


Carenage agents are available for all questions and all reservation requests

Carénage - port de pêche
Môle Saint Louis
34200 Sète
04 67 43 79 84
06 12 65 51 70


The port of Sète is located at the interface of various natural and human environments. The preservation of these areas and the integration of the port of Sète in the environment in all its components are key issues for the maintenance and development of its activities.

Port Sud de France has committed itself to an environmental improvement program.



These 10 rules in careening protect the environment of Sete:

  1. In strong winds from the South or Southeast: protect your neighbours, do not grind or machine your hull.
  2. Antifouling products contain heavy metals, biocides and VOC: respect the manufacturers advice and do not overuse.
  3. Use the bins at the clean point for storing dangerous waste (batteries, flares, bottles or soiled rags).
  4. If there is a spillage or leaking fuel or oil, please ask agents for absorbent granules.
  5. After finishing your cleaning please tidy up and sweep clean for the next person.
  6. Water is precious, please use in moderation.
  7. Do not use TBT antifouling
  8. Always ensure all paint residues, solvents or other anti-fouling products are placed in the bins provided.
  9. Always use protection and approved safety gear during blasting operations.
  10. Immediately report any malfunction, defect, accidental pollution to the Port Sud de France agents