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Traffic and dies

Regular lines

The port of Sète hosts regular routes with Europe and Africa.

Food terminal

The port of Sète has a division comprising all activities related to traffic of food bulk. Industrial operators and trading companies in the sector: • Production of vegetable oils, • manufacture of biofuels, • manufacture of raw materials for animal feed

Industrial bulk terminal

Carrying industrial dry bulk and liquids represent more than 2 million annual tons in the bulk sector. Industrial bulk is transported or exported in vessels of up to 260 m long 13.50 m draft which load or unload up to 60 000 tonnes at each stop.

Container terminal

The port of Sète has a container terminal at the South East of the port, on the quay E. 

Fruit terminal

Since July 2011, the port de Sète has a fruit terminal on the quay E. It includes :